My outdated means of transportation…

So I finally decided to make the leap in joining mainstream society and get my license. I suppose though, it was a bit naive of me to assume I could pass my drivers test on the first try.  My visual acuity proved to be more of an issue than I expected.  Since my vision is largely based on movement, I found it rather difficult to navigate through the streets of man.  For the most part, I was ok at avoiding oncoming traffic but I managed to hit the majority of inanimate objects I encountered.  So as you’d probably expected, I failed the road test. I have to settle for a scooter in the meantime, but the same challenges remain.  Nighttime driving is particularly difficult and I have a hard time not instinctively following any moving  lights that approach.  I guess I have no choice and will have to make do with the archaic means of a scooter. Public transportation is clearly out of the question…


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