working at the barn…

Lately I’ve been forcing myself to get out of the house. I think I get more done when I don’t have the comforts of home to distract me. Though, it’s days like this where I remember how challenging it can be. I thought it was a good idea to take a trip to barnes and noble to get some work done on the website. I like to take a stroll around the children’s section to get inspired by the different types of illustrations and artists before sitting down to work.

First,I went to the in-store starbucks to grab my usual iced coffee. And as usual, I forget how cold they keep it in the store and don’t realize till after I order my cold beverage that I forgot to bring my hoodie… On top of that, I forget to bring my own extra long drinking straw that I need due to my little arms. So I’m left walking around the children’s section, freezing, with 3 regular sized straws poorly taped together with coffee splashing at me through the gaps as I attempt to enjoy my beverage. What’s more, all the children are crying because they’re so cold. A miserable experience for everyone…


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