ok so im brand new to this whole internet thing. not sure if its something im going to stick with but its fun to try new things. I doubt there’s any future for world wide data transferring at light speeds but I like trendy things… Also, I dont think there are many other dinosaurs with an internet connection or the know how to maintain a successful blog so i figure i have an edge on the competition. Though I find that I’m easily distracted by all these viral kitten videos I keep coming across. I find them to be awful, yet strangely addicting…

btw, If you don’t already know, I’m working to become the first T-Rex to start my own website. Well, I already started it but it’s in the beginning stages still. The address is Any feedback is welcome. Please don’t be too harsh though. I am, after all, a freakin dinosaur! So far there’s just a few random categories that I plan on building out over time. Please take my T-Rex test and tell me how you scored… If you say you got all 12 right in one try, then you’re a liar and I have no place for you in my life.


2 Responses to internet?

  1. staurikos says:

    Great! I can meet anyone with internet, even with a T-Rex. I must say this is an interesting project for a dinosaur, so I’ll be looking forward to watching your posts.

    By the way, I’m a smart rock (8/12)

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